Reiki Treatments In Gloucester

Beautiful healing energy is used to relax you and work on the areas that need this life force energy. You get settled either by lying down or sitting in a chair, whichever it most comfortable. I would start the healing by using Reiki the natural energy available to all of us. Using and placing my hands over and above your body hovering over the areas that need healing – Reiki knows where this is. This is totally non intrusive as my hands do not need to touch you, Reiki knows exactly where to focus its healing on you. You will feel the warmth and gentle healing taking place safe in the knowledge you’re receiving what you need.

Beautiful energy life force that’s within us all. Natural safe healing, Reiki uses hands above the body to gently help restore psychical and emotional wellbeing. A wonderful experience to enjoy.
Price £30.00

Reiki instinctively knows where to focus. Such a lovely experience and so therapeutic. Please do feel free to call me and visit me here in my home in Gloucester.