Welcome to Crystals & Chimes. Medium, Psychic Readings, Spiritual and Reiki Healing In Gloucester

Energy is my first language. It speaks to me louder than words. A Universal form of communication between all that is, and all that was.

My name is Kayleigh Martell, and I’d like to welcome you to Crystals and Chimes!

My life’s journey like many people’s has had many trials and tribulations. At times I lost my faith, my inner light extinguished. I felt like the Universe was conspiring against me, leaving me to drown in immeasurable pain.

From a young age, I was always sensitive to spirit. I would see and feel their presence, predict events happening minutes, days or months before they occurred and feel people’s emotions on a deep level without them saying a word. I had no idea then how these abilities would come to serve me throughout my life. 

I’m a natural-born, Intuitive Psychic/Medium and an Empath and Healer. Once thought of as a curse, I now embrace it as a blessing and use my experiences to help others. I am also a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, and Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master. I have learnt to embrace my differences and raise my vibration. I have harnessed my abilities and view life from a higher perspective. 

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you and I hope that you’ll find what you’re seeking, with me here at Crystal’s and Chimes.

Sending love, light and blessings.


People contact psychic mediums for various reasons. My aim is to give guidance in the most natural way. Please note i also offer telephone readings.

Spiritual and Reiki Healing

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Kayleigh was spot on with her reading, I was very impressed.
Wasn’t expecting to be so surprised with my reading, she was so uplifting and right on two things that transpired later.
I knew who Kayleigh meant straight away, family and friends, very accurate, looking forward to next meeting.