Welcome to Crystals & Chimes. Medium, Psychic Readings, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Mentorship In Gloucester

I have always felt I simply knew what people needed, this was from a very young age. During my teens, I realised that I seemed to understand people without knowing “how”.  This interested me and I would eagerly learn horoscopes as that appealed to my inner knowing. My ability to love and care for people was very natural to me and also very important. I would be at my happiest in any role where I was helping in some way. I wanted a family very badly and consequently had three children which satisfied my nurturing nature.

This followed on to my interest in all things spiritual. I felt very drawn to the Tarot and found myself easily giving readings to people as I knew what the cards were saying. I progressed to Hypnotherapy, counselling and healing in the form of Reiki. Qualified in all of those subjects I knew that was where my heart was happy.

So here I am now offering you my services and I hope you take a look at what I do and it feels right for you to contact me.


People contact psychic mediums for various reasons. My aim is to give guidance in the most natural way. Please note i also offer telephone readings.


Hypnotherapy is very safe and very effective at the areas of life that you may find challenging.

Spiritual Mentorship

Develop your intuition to either build a heart centred business or to expand your own personal awareness.

Debbie was spot on with her reading, I was very impressed.
Wasn’t expecting to be so surprised with my reading, she was so uplifting and right on two things that transpired later.
I knew who Debbie meant straight away, family and friends, very accurate, looking forward to next meeting.