Psychic Medium Readings In Gloucester

People contact psychic mediums for various reasons. My aim is to give guidance in the most natural way. I cant promise miracles, we’re all here to learn. I can promise my sincerity and care for your given situation and the trust I have in my guides

Prices £35 

Telephone readings are also available.

I have been referred to as ” A Natural Medium”. Its exactly that, Natural! I’m working with energies that cannot always be seen, however, they are present. I use my guided intuition and messages I get from those who care for us. A reading is meant to make you feel better and that is my primary reason for offering this service to you I hope you feel you can get in touch and trust in the process of my sincere intention.

I love working with Crystals as many Psychic Mediums do. They not only look stunning, in all their various forms, colours
and texture they have a unique beauty an energy all of their own. There is a tactile beautiful feeling and energy you get from connecting with them. I keep and sell lots of Crystals, gems, rocks here at my home. I would love to show them to you as lots of people learn and understand the healing properties they have. I also really enjoy working with cards that depict nature and animals as I feel very connected to the earth and it gives me my focus point to receive the messages.

I do hope you feel you can get in touch and come and see me in my home in Gloucester.