Spiritual and Reiki Healing Gloucester

Healing is a journey. It is a process that our soul’s embark on after suffering emotional or physical traumas. Our bodies respond to our mental and emotional state of mind and so Spiritual and/or Reiki Healing has multiple beneficial purposes. I was born a Healer. Through-out my life I have been able to sense people’s suffering. Whether it was physical pain or emotional turmoil, I would always find myself ‘laying hands on’ to remove and assist them with their pain.

This deep rooted desire to help heal people lead me to various avenues of Nursing. This was extremely rewarding yet didn’t fulfill my soul’s desire to help heal people in the way that I thought it would.
Spiritual healing and Reiki has fulfilled my calling as one of life’s healers. I am a qualified Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, as well as, an Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master.

Our bodies have 7 main energy points which are called ‘Chakras’,  meaning ‘wheels of light.’

Physical, mental and emotional illness are caused by having either an imbalance of energy or a lack of energy to the bodies system. Reiki is a way of transferring energy. As a channel of Universal life energy I am able to transfer this energy by either scanning or laying on hands. This can be done both in person or remotely. Healing is effective no matter how it is delivered, and the experience is something that is very personal to you.

If you would like to know more about the Healing services I offer there are several ways you can contact me with your enquiries. I look forward to connecting with you.